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InterVarsity Press Announces New Series Bridging Science and Faith



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Westmont, IL— InterVarsity Press is pleased to announce a new series in conjunction with their partnership with the BioLogos Foundation: BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity. BioLogos invites the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith while presenting an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation. Launching with the first volume in June 2016, this series aims to advance the mission of BioLogos by publishing a range of titles from personal stories to textbooks to scholarly monographs.


“BioLogos has been instrumental in helping evangelicals understand how evolutionary science is not merely compatible with Christian faith but even beneficial to it,” says David Congdon, associate editor for IVP Academic and project editor for the series. “Instead of a competition between Christianity and evolution, they see the possibility of a charitable, productive dialogue that can enrich the life of the church. They represent well the motto of IVP Academic: evangelically rooted and critically engaged. For this reason we are excited to partner with them in publishing a series of books that bridge the church and academy on topics as varied as how the ancient church read Genesis to how the fossil record displays the glory of God’s creation. BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity promises to showcase works of vast learning and deep faith.”


The books in this series will have wide appeal among Christian audiences, from non-specialists to scholars in the field. While the authors address a range of topics on science and faith, they support the view of evolutionary creation, which sees evolution as our current best scientific description of how God brought about the diversity of life on earth. The series authors are faithful Christians and leading scholars in their fields. 


Kathryn Applegate, program director at BioLogos, and J. B. Stump, senior editor at BioLogos, are editors of the series’ first volume, How I Changed My Mind About Evolution, a collection of stories from over a dozen evangelical scientists, pastors, biblical scholars, and theologians who have come to embrace both evolution and faith.


“BioLogos is excited about this new partnership with IVP,” says Stump. “We see it as an opportunity to connect some of the best thinking and writing about science and Christian faith with the IVP audience of readers. Our first book in the series displays the fruit of many years of thinking about (and living in) the intersection of science and faith. We think the personal stories the contributors tell will resonate with others in all walks of life.”


“Many people have never met someone who both loves Jesus and embraces evolution,” adds Applegate. “In this first book, we share the stories of thoughtful people from all walks of life who do both. We hope that individuals who are in the midst of a faith crisis over science will find role models and see a way forward.”


Contributors to this volume include Francis Collins, John Ortberg, N. T. Wright, James K. A. Smith, and others. The narratives contained in How I Changed My Mind About Evolution show that Christianity and science need not be at war, which is at the heart of the mission for this new series.


Jonathan Merritt, religion writer for The Atlantic and author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined, adds, “Debates about the origins of the universe and human life have raged within religious communities for more than a century, and today they are fiercer than ever. Many Christians have given the impression that religion and science are at irreconcilable odds, leaving people of faith who find science credible without a way forward. How I Changed My Mind About Evolution seeks to dissolve this false dichotomy. It holds the Bible in high regard without discrediting science’s conclusions.”


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